Thursday, 22 November 2007

A&P RIP? Next March is a no-show

The Blueskin Agricultural and Pastoral Society has cancelled its
popular 'clearing sale and family
fun day' usually held at the end of March. "There are two reasons for
this: our usual date clashes with
other significant local activities and with the Easter weekend; the
other reason is that there has been little community support shown for
the A&P AGM," President Alasdair Morrison said. "There are simply not
enough people we know of who are available to assist with organising
such an event."

The Society propose to hold a clearing sale in Spring next year,
around mid November. "Whether or not other activities are held on that
day will largely depend on the level of community support we receive,"
Alasdair warned. "Our next meeting will be held on 26th February and
we would encourage people to come along and let us know how the A & P
Society can help with the type of community activities they would like
to see."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a shame to lose an iconic rural event, but it does unfortunately reflect the society of today and a trend of rural A&P Shows having to "close up shop".

Good luck to the organisers of the Spring Show. It should perhaps be a better time of year - as per article there are less clashes with other events.