Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Police Community Report (column): Hot on the trail of inconsiderate beach users

The arrival of Summer means the parks, reserves, and beaches in our
area will be used more often by families, their pets and other members
of the public, including those on trail bikes. The Police recognise
that the public exercise a great deal of patience in relation to trail
bike users, and riders are generally considerate of those they share
the reserves and beaches with.

However it appears there are some members of the community who do not
respect the safety of others or road user rules when riding these
motorbikes. I am going to take this opportunity to make it very clear
where the Police stand in relation to this issue.

Firstly, the parks, reserves and beaches are a public place and are
open to everyone. Secondly, the beach by definition in the Land
Transport Act 1998 is a road, so those riding bikes, driving in 4x4s,
or driving off-road vehicles are subject to all the rules and
regulations as when they when travelling on a road.

Any vehicle which is not licensed to be on the road is not exempt when
it is on the beach, so if a vehicle does not have a current licence
label, warrant of fitness or licence plates then it shouldn't be on a
road. If the rider or driver is not licensed or is intoxicated then
the police will take the appropriate action, these rules and
regulations also apply to the reserves and parks.

It is only by the grace of the local council and the public that these
activities are tolerated in these places. Any person caught committing
an offence in these places will be dealt with by Police and may be
issued with a Trespass Notice.

Remember if you see anything suspicious or if you wish to speak to the
Police regarding any matter you can contact us on 03 465 9127. In
emergencies dial 111. Until next month, take care.

by Constable Jon-Paul Tremain
NZ Police, Waikouaiti

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