Monday, 19 November 2007

Poem for Blueskin news

What is the point of the Kakapo?

Given how hard it is to survive
What's the point of the Kakapo being alive?
Blind, can't fly and extremely fat
Can you please tell me why you think there's a point in that?
They're quite slow
This Kakapo
They don't frighten predators; they're not gnarlers and snarlers
Instead they try to hide up trees like huge feathery koalas.
I don't even think they can make babies anymore!!
Actually, I believe I am sure
I've heard they need a DOC worker with a very clean jar
Who comes along and takes the sperm very far
And even though
That kakapo
Are on the brink
Of being extinct
They act cute and funny
So people donate lots of money
And they certainly should.
Who'd want something so crazy to be gone for good!!!

by Eva Stoddart

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Warrington, Evansdale, Waitati, Doctors Point), Dunedin, New Zealand.
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