Friday, 23 November 2007

Opinion: With the pipeline comes Fluoridation

Dunedin's public water supply is currently receiving the addition of
silicofluoride at the rate of 0.85 parts per million. Waitati,
Warrington and Karitane are going to be next. Water fluoridation has
strong links to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) particularly in young boys,
Thyroid hormone disturbances, (fluoride has been previously used as a
thyroid suppressant), increased rates of bone fractures, and numerous
other alarming health affects. Yet our water is about to be
contaminated with this unprocessed, industrial waste product of the
phosphate fertiliser industry! This may lead some to question, "How
does this happen & why?

The practice of artificial water fluoridation first started in Dunedin
in 1967 (after a referendum that ironically showed that the Dunedin
population was against fluoridation!) and has continued to occur on
the recommendation of the New Zealand Ministry of Health, with support
of the city council, who are meant to be representing the interests of
the constituent.

It is the aim of the Ministry to systematically lobby each local
council to vote in accordance with the government's view that "the
practice of fluoridation of public water supplies is an effective,
efficient and safe means of preventing dental decay." Our council
decided that due to a so-called increase of a non-contagious,
non-inheritable disease called tooth decay, they would medicate the
entire population with or without consent from cradle to grave.

However, they neglect to inform the public of extremely important
health warnings in regards to water fluoridation. For example the
American Dental Association who regard water fluoridation as their
baby, were forced due to overwhelming scientific evidence to release
the following warning to parents in November 2006 "Infant formula is
the primary source of nutrition, mix with water that is fluoride

The Ministry claims that this warning only applies to the USA, not New
Zealand. They claim that water fluoridation was allowed for when
setting the allowable level of fluoride in formula – impossible when
it is the water itself that is the problem, not the formula.

Breast milk filters out fluoride so surely that should give some
indication that babies are not meant to be receiving this toxic waste.

Water fluoridation has an extremely sinister background and the
further the practice is examined, the more horrendous the findings

The addition of fluoride to our water supply raises many concerns. All
people are dependant on pure uncontaminated water. The addition of any
substance to a public water supply for the purpose of affecting the
bodily or mental function of the consumer establishes a dangerous
precedent and pre-empts the inalienable right of the individual to
determine what shall be done to and with his body as long as in the
exercise of the right he has not to infringe upon the equal right of
his fellow citizens.

The purpose of a public water supply is to deliver sanitary water to
the citizens as apposed to being the vessel for medication that
unmedically qualified council members deem fit for consumption. When
contacted Deputy Mayor Syd Brown acknowledged his inadequate medical
education on such a matter and therefore chooses to uphold the
"expert" view held by our Ministry of Health while another council
member confided while she had supported the practice, now feels after
adverse side affects to heavy metals and toxic chemicals she now found
herself to be "unsure on the issue", the last council member contacted
confessed that unless information presented to him was "less than an
A4 sheet of paper, he was simply to busy to even read it" and would
therefore vote according to majority.

For local council members to be placed in the position where they are
to resume control of a medical decision that affects each and every
individual in their constituency, without any medical background or
comprehension of the scientific nature of such a decision is perhaps
one of the most unprofessional, unethical, objectionable practices
that the Ministry of Health promotes.

A background check into the practice of water fluoridation will
unearth many interesting facts, like the use of water fluoridation in
the ghettos of Germany and the infamous Nazi prison camps and in
Russia in order to induce a passive, submissive, calm state in order
to reduce resistance of both citizen and prisoner alike.

This would also be of some benefit to the government today should the
need arise to 'dumb' the population down to some degree, such as civil
unrest or an uprising of non-conformists in the community. If the
water supply is already fluoridated then it would be a simple matter
of adjusting dosage.

Such prospect may sound a little far-fetched to the average person,
but do try to take in to account the fact that medicating an entire
population via the public water supply was also once seen as
far-fetched and absurd!

Sodium fluoride's strong affinity to 'bond' with aluminum is also of
great concern considering the source of the industrial grade fluoride
used is none other than the aluminum industry itself!

Whether a water consumer is concerned about fluoridation due to the
ethical reasons such as unmonitored mass medication, (as confirmed by
my own health care professional when I inquired about registration of
my own child's adverse reactions to fluoridated water) or the growing
list of health concerns associated with this outdated practice, the
important thing is that there is public debate and public concerns
raised in order to educate the population of the discreet (bordering
on secret) practiced in regards to our public water supply that we all
rely upon (or at least would like to be able to rely upon!).

"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply
the lie was believed….When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold
gradually to the masses over generation, the truth will seem utterly
preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." – Dresden James

by Olive McRae

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Herme said...

Excellent article, Olive. There is clearly more to say, but you did a great job of touching high points and getting the message across eloquently. Hopefully you have inspired others to do their own research and to take a stand where it's needed. The time for blindly trusting authorities to always "know best" is long past. Herme Spear, Dunedin.

Anonymous said...

What's the use of the "Goverment" in making people sick !!! The only thing they get out of it is more problems in expensive health care bills and the reduction of the % of active population, all of which will only add up to europe's biggest problem WELFARE and HEALTHCARE bill.
For Christ sake, if nowadays I cannot smoke my cigar only because this will inevitably cause in the increase of cancer in the population, and inevitably ending up the gov. to pay the bill, why will they (the gov) want to have one more problem !!!!

THINK !!!!!!!!!!!

rose said...

hey olive good article to inform and benefit all readers now that the facts are clear its time to unite and rise up and make the positive changes that have been so badly overlooked in the past. you have our full support!!!

Olive McRae said...

Thanks Herme & Rose. My article was simply to motivate others to have another look at this issue. There is the common misunderstanding that because we are getting the pipe we have no choice but to accept the medication that comes with it. This is not correct,if we as a community dont want it then we dont have to have it.
Petone in wellington had a similar issue when a pipeline was being built from the Hutt area. The community did not want Fluoride, they stood up and said 'we dont want Fluoride!' and now they enjoy Fluoride free water.
Im not saying that this community doesn't want it, because thats not up to me. I do think that we need to talk about this issue and that the D.C.C need to consult us.
As for the comment from Anonymous, there will always be the people that do not want to be told that something is bad for them. When they are told they ether chose not to accept it or rebel against it by smoking even more than they did before, driving even faster or eating even more junk.
There will always be the people that want to do things regardless of the health effects. I find that most people do care about themselves and their family. Most people want to make the best choice that they can to protect their family, ironically that is why people add Fluoride to the water.
Scientific evidence now clearly shows that Fluoride is a dangerous substance and one that we should not be drinking.
Some say Fluoride is good others bad, but at the end of the day we should be able to chose to take a medication if we want to, not be forced to take it because the government call it a 'public health measure'.