Tuesday, 6 November 2007

MP for Dunedin North (column): Orokonui vision impresses

Photo: Orokonui Valley viewed across Blueskin Bay (Otago Natural
History Trust/Wikipedia)

I recently went to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary . Over the months I had
watched the big fence go up, because I head across that road (from my
home in Sawyers Bay) whenever I go north.
When Andrew Noone approached me for a letter of support, I seized the moment.
"A letter of support?" I protested "I haven't even seen over the
place. I can't sign my name in support of something I have not seen."
So it was arranged. Anne, my wife, seized the moment too and we spent
a pretty special time taking a look and understanding the project's
The breadth of the vision is impressive, and easily discerned. This
many hectares, that many species, the other number of dollars, or
visitors, or fence posts or trees needing planting.
But the depth is even more impressive. The depth of the science and
ecology expertise, the depth of business planning and the depth of
community and volunteer support and effort.
The people at the centre of this ecosanctuary already know they are
going to succeed. Their sights are set on the ecosanctuary becoming
sustainable for decades and centuries to come.
And by sustainable they are true triple bottom line thinkers –
ecologically sustainable, financially sustainable, socially
We donated a fence post, naturally. It won't be the last thing I do to
support this project. It is magic.

by Pete Hodgson

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