Thursday, 1 November 2007

Global warming bus roadshow visits Waitati

On Sunday 11 November the 'Be the Change' Bus will visit Waitati. The Be
the Change bus and its passengers will demonstrate that many solutions to the
problems associated with climate change are entirely practical and
achievable on an individual level. Moreover, they'll demonstrate how
personal action is crucial to inciting action on larger level. There will
be interactive presentations on Climate Change with demonstrations of
renewable energy (the bus runs on bio-diesel, has photovoltaics for power,
has a small turbine) and lots of info from campaigners from
Greenpeace, in collaboration with other prominent organisations such as
Oxfam and Forest and Bird. At present it is likely that the bus will be in
Waitati from 2-5pm at the hall. Accompanying the bus will be some local
displays in the hall by solar hot water installers, eco-sanctuary
information, info on retro-fitting for effiency and a computer model of
sea-level rise in Waitati as seen as the recent presentations on 'Waitati
2017' (I hope all that will be there, no guarantees as yet).

by Scott Willis
email: scott . willis @ stonebow . otago . ac . nz

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