Friday, 16 November 2007

Fwd: WEGgies tour Waitati Edible Gardens (a new regular column)

Hello and summer welcome to/from all WEGgies. This year is set to be a
busy one with the edible gardens tour coming up, to inspire you all
into food sovereignty and home growing nutritious-ness.
For those of you who don't know us and a quick recap for those who do
the WEGgie vision is this: We want to confront the emerging challenges
of post-peak oil by strengthening our community in the immediate
future with an emphasis on food production. As energy availability
contracts and Global Storming/Warming pressures become more acute we
need to establish local food sovereignty or semi-autonomous food
So basically, politrickeral linguistics aside, that means we want to
help the community to grow vegetables, in a grass-roots-kind-of-a-way
(excuse the pun), to feed ourselves, our families and our greater
community. Starting with the Waitati Edible Gardens Tour (see our big
ad, book now to avoid disappointment), we will be organising
educational/inspirational/vegetational events throughout the year, to
help you grow your food.
We also aim to start building a big list of who knows what in our
community, so if you need a hand, we can put you in touch with the
right folk with the right experience, expertise, tools or just time
and energy to help you get growing , in a friendly villagy way. Our
community is rich is growing power, and we want to link it all up,
share strengths and weakness' and get productive.
So – call to the large: All of Ye who are interested/might become
interested in growing food/learning how to grow food/getting better at
growing food/growing more food/eating home grown food please express
your interest so that we can organise things specially for you:
• community links
• specific workshops (no-dig/biodynamics/fruit trees, pruning, bee keeping)
• working bees
• vegetable emergency advice line
Tell us what you want.
Come on our tour and get on our contacts list by calling Lucy on 482
1773 or email: misslucyjack @ hotmail . com.
We intend to make this column a regular feature of Blueskin News
including an edible gardeners' calendar and 'Ask a WEGgie' agony aunt
In the meantime: Happy Christmas and peas to all beans on earth

by Lucy Jack

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