Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Community's first aid skills get a kick start tomorrow

Warrington has been donated a Heart Defibrillator to be kept at the
Surf Life Saving Club for use in emergency situations.

Unlike the club's other rescue and first aid equipment, intended for
use only by qualified Surf Patrols, this simple to use, but hi-tech,
instrument is for
use by the whole community, and could save a life not only
at the beach but anywhere in the village.

"We want to invite ALL Blueskin Bay residents to learn how to use this
valuable piece of equipment," club Vice President Lyn Hastie told
Blueskin News. "Feel
free to join us."

St John's latest newsletter describes the defibrillators thus:
"Smaller than a laptop and very easy for members of the public to use,
defibrillators can literally mean the difference between life and
death for someone in cardiac arrest while an ambulance is on the way."

The workshop/demo will be held in the Surf Club rooms at Warrington
Domain tomorrow (Sunday 2nd
December) at 5pm. Lyn said there will also be time to refresh your CPR skills.

by Peter Dowden

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