Thursday, 22 November 2007

Blueskin A&P Society column

Blueskin A & P Society – AGM Report

Our AGM was held on 20th November and the following office bearers
were elected :
President – Alasdair Morrison
Vice President – Paul Clements
Secretary – David Sumpter
Treasurer – Stephanie Mc Connon
A number of committee members were also elected.

The prime function of the A & P Society is to keep Bland Park in good
order so that it can be well utilised by the community. And we now
have a slightly larger Bland Park. The area behind the hawthorn hedge
used to be a 'paper road' called Danford Street. This area has now
been amalgamated into the park and the hawthorn hedge will soon be
removed to create more room for community sporting activities.

It was decided that we will not be holding a clearing sale and family
fun day at the end of March, as has been the case for the past couple
of years. There are two reasons for this:- our usual date clashes with
other significant local activities and with the Easter weekend; the
other reason is that there has been little community support shown for
the A&P AGM and there are simply not enough people we know of who are
available to assist with organising such an event.
We propose to hold a clearing sale in the spring of next year, around
mid November. Whether or not other activities are held on that day
will largely depend on the level of community support we receive.
Our next meeting will be held on 26th February and we would encourage
you to come along and let us know how the A & P Society can help with
the type of community activities you would like to see.
So for now, and on behalf of the A & P Society, I wish you all a safe
and happy Christmas and New Year.

by Alasdair Morrison

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