Thursday, 22 November 2007

Blueskin Garden Club column

The Blueskin Garden Club's November meeting was in the form of a
garden ramble. The evening was pleasant with just a "gentle breeze"
blowing. We started off at Doris and Bruce Foster's on the Kilmog.
Their place was a picture of colourful flowers – pansies, aubretia,
rhododendrons and azaleas to name but a few . Then it was off to
Warrington – firstly to Linda Thomson's place on Porteous Road.
Linda's place is a huge garden with hundreds of beautiful
rhododendrons all in flower and some very special peony roses. Every
time we visit Linda's place it has grown more! Then it was off to the
Carlyles' little piece of paradise. Lyne's garden is a picture with
delphiniums, rhododendrons and roses all of which makes for a riot of
colour and a picture of beautiful healthy plants. After all the
"rambling" we had worked up a good appetite to enjoy a scrumptious
supper to celebrate Lyne C's birthday.

Our December meeting is our Christmas gathering: a progressive dinner
to members' houses in the Evansdale and Doctors Point area. This is
to be held on Saturday 15th December 2007.

Our first meeting for 2008 will be held on February 14th.

by Lesley Smith

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