Sunday, 21 October 2007

Warrington Playcentre column

We love our Playcentre

It is great to be back at Play centre for another term of fun and
laughter (and the occasional tear). The children came back having
grown more over the holidays and were super excited about seeing their
buddies, playing with the fantastic supervisors and parent helpers.
It's true what they say about a pPlaycentre being the heart of a
community. This Playcentre has so much life and energy that both the
parents and children look forward to walking through the gate for a
morning full of enjoyable activities and learning.
There is something very special about the Warrington play centre; it's
where Mum can go and form friendships with other woman in the
community, there have been many social events orgainsed over the
playdough table or whilst building a hole with a digger in the
sandpit. The laughter you hear when you drive or walk past our play
centre is not to be taken as only children's laughter, I can guarantee
you there's a giggle going on with the adults too, and rightly so.
There is always a smile awaiting your arrival and someone to help you
unload the buggy or settle a little one in.
As a mother I have really thrived on attending Playcentre for a vast
amount of reasons: watching my child interact with those who aren't
relatives or siblings; seeing how they make decisions in the
playground; how they choose what task they want to carry out and how
they interact with other adults. I have also really enjoyed the
interacting I get to do with other Mums in the community and talking
about parenting, health issues and nutrition.
There is a great support network at Warrington Playcentre which has
been there for years and years, this is something that all the Mums
have treasured past and present.
This term has kicked off with lots of terrific things happening: a new
flat turf area for the kids to ride their bikes, a trip to the Mayfair
Theatre to see Songs of the Sea, a visit to the Library and many more
on the horizon.
We have room for more families to attend our Tuesday and Friday
sessions, so if you are
at home with your little ones contemplating Playcentre then please
come along and see for yourself how special our centre really is, we'd
love to meet you and your little ones.
This term we have seen a change in our President role, with the
wonderful Jo Wass handing the keys over to Rowan Holt. Jo has done a
brilliant job for our Playcentre over the past 18 months and we are
really appreciate her doing so.
We have said 'Good luck and farewell our friends' to Esther, Eli and
Mikey who will all be starting school. What wonderful children they
are and a pleasure it has to have had them as part of our play centre
family for so long.
You can contact our Playcentre during session times at 027 227 7329.

by Hannah Randall

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