Tuesday, 16 October 2007

MP for Dunedin North (column): Poozling

(Note from the Editors: Blueskin News welcomes Pete Hodgson to our
pages as his electorate boundaries have shifted to cover our area from
next year's Election. Until then Jacqui Dean and Mahara Okeroa remain
officially our MPs so we will welcome articles from all three Members
during this interegnum.)


I'm not sure why, but thirty years ago that which we now call
recycling was known as 'poozling' and the product of poozling was
known as 'poozle'. More accurately poozle was recycled building
materials from old abandoned houses, used to refurbish old unabandoned

I owned an old house. It cost me $9,200 so you might imagine that
some of it was rotten. In particular, weather boarding had not
weathered well. The exact shape was not available from the timber
merchants, so poozle was needed.

A poozle hunt was mounted and that is how I came to first travel to
Warrington from Leith Valley where I had just shifted to (having been
born and raised in Whangarei – but that's another story). There to my
wonderment and joy were weatherboards just like my weatherboards.

They were lovingly removed and relocated to my place, stripped,
attached and painted. And they haven't rotted. They are Rimu. They
are there today. I am not. I have long since relocated to Sawyers Bay.
And neither is the building I poozled. It was called Seacliff

by Pete Hodgson MP

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