Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Bridging the digital divide in Warrington

Warrington School have been building up their computer facilities with
many computers obtained at little or no cost, these are running free
system software such as Edubuntu. Free computers running free

Computers are 'overflowing' out of the school to students' family
homes. We are now able to 'bridge the digital divide' so that
anybody can have a good-quality, reliable computer in their home. We
intend to keep a steady flow of computers from donors via the School
to homes and out to the wider community of Warrington, and eventually,
the whole planet!

We need to keep an eye out for good, used machines. Typically a
minimum CPU of 600MHz with 256Mb RAM is OK. They often become
available as workplaces upgrade their systems, so please keep an eye
out. We can wipe the disks, and negotiate a payment if required.
Donated computers will be installed with one of the following Linux
• Edubuntu (for children)
• Ubuntu (for adults)
• Xubuntu (designed for the older computers)

Supplied computers all have good modern web browsers, email, word
processors, spreadsheets, etc. If anything else is needed, there are
thousands of other free programs to choose from. If you would like to
go on a waiting list to receive one of our upgraded computers or if
you know of good used computer hardware that is becoming available you
can call Rob at 4822 455. We can arrange for collection/delivery and
somebody to help get you set up with your new, free computer. Our
project has some small costs so we will of course accept any koha you
might wish to offer.

by Rob Pearson

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