Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Blueskin Garden Club (column)

September was a very busy month for members of the Blueskin Garden
Club. On 22 and 23 September we held our annual Spring Flower Show at
the Waitati Hall. This was a very successful show with 790 entries all
of which produced a very colourful and interesting display. Thanks to
the pupils and staff of Waitati and Warrington schools for entering
into the spirit of our show and producing excellent entries in the
children's section. Those children present at the prizegiving on
Sunday afternoon all received a flower to plant in their garden.

Thanks also to the judges who had the very hard job of judging the
variety of different sections, especially the daffodils that were many
and varied. All in all it was a most successful Spring Flower Show
thanks to the community spirit that prevails.


Children's trophy: shared by Devon Familton, Grace Cunningham,
Stephanie Pinker and Lichen Sorrel (5 points each). All from
Warrington School.
Shrub and individual trophies: Daphne Henderson
Best Exhibit: Glenys Clements
Best Bloom: Ruth Spears
Floral Art: Rowena Park
Family with most points: Patten-Burrow family
Raffle: Lyn Hastie, Brian Hailes, Val Ransom, Ray Russell, Laurie
Hughes, Anna-Lise Seifert, Pru Casey

The following weekend (for our October meeting) a van load of Club
members travelled to Lawrence for the day. We had a very full day
with a stop off for morning tea, a visit to Weaver, Lindy Chinnery
where we purchased several items, a visit to The Ark garden (where we
purchased plants of course). Then it was off to lunch at the Lemon
Tree Cafe – this was a most leisurely and enjoyable lunch full of
chatter and lovely food! This was followed by a bit more retail
therapy then off to see the fantastic display of daffodils growing
wild at the old brewery at Weatherstons just outside Lawrence. There
has been a lot of clearing of the gorse and broom in the area which
has revealed hundreds more daffodils some of which date back to early
this century. It was an amazing sight well worth a visit.

We arrived back in Waitati around 7pm (having left at 8.30am) tired,
but full of enthusiasm for our next garden visit. Thanks to Glenys
Barnett from the Mt Cargill Trust for providing the van for the day.

by Lesley Smith

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