Tuesday, 2 October 2007

As if human poo isn't bad enough . . .

The amount of dog poo at the Warrington Playground has
become a talking point for parents. While most people
try to ignore the unsighly doggie doo around our
streets, for young toddlers and crawling babies dog
poo is a health risk, especially at a children's

In a small community like Warrington it best to avoid
conflict and the best way to achieve this is for
everyone to respect each other's concerns.

Here is what the Council says:

• Under DCC bylaws, Dogs are prohibited from entering

• Under DCC bylaws owners must keep their dogs under
control, and therefore, cannot let their dogs roam
without supervision

• Under DCC bylaws it is offence to not clean up after
your dog, this carries a $200 fine

On behalf of all parents of young children please
ensure you respect the DCC bylaws and respect the
health of our young children.

by Rhys Owen
Warrington resident & parent

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