Friday, 21 September 2007

Warrington Surf Life Saving Club

The days are getting warmer and it is almost time to dust off those
wetsuits and hit the surf again.
Warrington Beach will start being patrolled on Saturday 27th at 12.00
by our great team of volunteer lifeguards with a little help of
numbers from Town. It's fantastic to have these people watching over
us to keep us safe. Thank You for volunteering your time.

We have another pot luck tea get together coming up on 5 October at
6.30pm. These events are great for catching up for a chat and enjoying
some time together.

Thank you to Rebecca and Talia for representing us at the Southern
Pool Champs, they had a great time participating in lots of fun as
well as competitive activities.

28 October at 10.00am is our Opening Day were everyone is welcome to
come and see what we are about, sign in for the year's club
membership, get their rash tops and have a fantastic time. This year
our Opening Day will also be an official 'Push Play' event in
conjunction with Sport Otago. There will be a fun-filled afternoon
from 12-5pm. Everyone can come along, locals or townies and whether
they want to be surf club members or not. See elsewhere in the
'Blueskin News' for details.

A special mention goes to our long standing surf club member Lyn
Hastie who received a distinguished service award at the Surf Life
Saving Otago AGM for 25 years of service to the life saving movement.
Thanks Lyn for all the years of hard work that you have done for
Warrington Surf Club. Your award was very well deserved.

Contact details phone Kaye Burns 482 2494 or 027 482 2494 or Lyn
Hastie 482 2896.

by Christine Rainbow

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