Sunday, 23 September 2007

Waitete Bush (column)

Waitete Bush plantings since 2004 are growing very well with over 1200
natives enjoying their home beneath the old trees. There is still
plenty of weeding of the younger plantings to carry out, but the first
trees are now doing OK well above the reach of the grass. We had a
short-notice planting 2 weeks ago due to some large natives being
delivered ready to plant ASAP, which we hope will survive the shock of
being disrupted.
Weeding days are whenever we can manage to do a few! Next planting
days are the weekend of 3-4 November wet or fine. Ener via the river
end of Bland Park, walking between the river and marker posts. Please,
no dogs as the route passes through private property. There are two
stiles to cross. As always everyone is welcome. Thank You for your
help. You can call us at 482 2338 for any further information.

by Lynley O'Neill and Frank O'Neill

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