Monday, 24 September 2007


Premier Grade.

On the 30th August Stuart Griffiths took the lead in the Premier
grade, finishing his round-robin games by outclassing Steve Peak 2-0,
and Terry Sheppard 2-0. Stu's only defeat was to Rakeesh on his first
outing. Digby also finished his fixtures by losing to Terry 2-1. This
match was tighter than a Waitatian stonemason's join. There are a
number of match-ups to complete. Rakeesh versus Steve/Terry/Jonathan
Appleby and Jonathan versus Terry and Steve, to determine semi-finals.

Won Lost Bonus Points
Stuart Griffiths 4 1 -- 8
Digby Hodgson 2 3 1 5
Terry Sheppard 2 1 1 4
Rakeesh 2 0 -- 4
Steve Peak 0 3 1 1
Jonathan Appleby 0 2 -- 0

Open Grade

Steve Peak is leading the Open Grade but Digby has a game in hand.
Steve has only to play Jonathan, who could beat Steve but is not the
favourite. Digby has Patrick and Baden to play so is likely to
end up in top position going into semis. Jonathan has Patrick, Baden
and Frank to overpower for a likely 3rd spot. The 4th semi spot likely
to go to Patrick or Frank but Hank and Baden have enough games
of even opponents to theoretically make a semi.

Won Lost Bonus Points
Steve 4 1 1 9
Digby 4 0 -- 8
Patrick 1 1 1 3
Jonathan 1 1 -- 2
Hank 0 4 1 1
Frank 0 2 1 1
Baden 0 1 -- 0

by Digby Hodgson

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