Sunday, 23 September 2007

Blueskin Sports: Indoor Bowls

Warrington Indoor Bowls

Our 50th Jubilee Year season has ended and the AGM was held on 12
September. The resignations of Cliff Porteous, President, and Peter
Russell, Secretary/Treasurer, were accepted with regret. We thank them
both for all the hard work that they have done over the last few years
and particularly in this Jubilee Year.

Our new President is Andrew Thompson, Stephne Bennett
Secretary/Treasurer and Ruth Porteous has agreed to remain as Club

The club reflected on the success of the 50th anniversary celebrations
and the coming together of so many of our past and present members.
Special mention must be made of Jim and June Ormsby, who travelled
from Australia to be with us.

We must also acknowledge the support from our sponsors, in particular
the Bendigo Trust, and the community at large.

Cliff and Ruth Porteous have now joined Warrington Club's small,
distinguished list of life members.

Our end of season social night held on Saturday 15 September was a
night of fun with bowling games, food and drink. On a serious note,
the trophies won over the season were handed out.

Warrington Winners

Champion of Champion Fours: Cliff Porteous, Ruth Porteous, Colin Thom,
Alison Joyce
Champion of Champion Pairs: Andrew Thompson, Colin Thom
Champion of Champion Men's Singles: Andrew Thompson
Ladies Singles: Stephne Bennett
Ormsby Triples: Cliff Porteous, Colin Thom, Lyn Hastie

Eastern Districts Events
E D Fours: Cliff Porteous, Ruth Porteous, Colin Thom, Alison Joyce
E D Pairs: Bruce Collins, Joy Justice
E D Singles: Cliff Porteous
Interclub Fours: Dunback
Interclub Pairs: Dunback
Interclub Singles: Warrington
Champion of Champion Fours: Cliff Porteous, Ruth Porteous, Colin
Thom, Lyn Hastie
Champion of Champion Pairs: Colin Howard, Lorna Turner
Champion of Champion Men's Singles: Bruce Collins
Champion of Champion Ladies Singles: Stephne Bennett
We congratulate Ruth Stevens, Ruth Porteous and Cliff Porteous who
were made life members of the Eastern Districts Sub-Association.

Even though we are a small club, the results show that we are able to
hold our own. This is largely due to the supportive nature of our
older, more experienced members. We look forward to next season.

by Stephne Bennett

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JuneO said...

Congratulations Ruth and Cliff Porteous and Ruth Stevens on becoming Life Members of Eastern Districts. Between the three of you there are many years of bowling dedicated to Warrington and Eastern Districts. We enjoyed attending your 50th year of bowls celebrations and catching up with everyone. Great reading the club news on the Blueskin website.
(June and Jim Ormsby, Brisbane)