Thursday, 20 September 2007

Blueskin Garden Club

The Blueskin Garden Club held its monthly meeting on 13 September 2007
at the Waitati Hall at 7.30pm. The meeting was well attended.

Our guest speaker was Val Ransom from St Clair. Val is a floral
artist who is well versed and experienced on the art of floral design.
Val went through the list of categories that is in the schedule for
the forth coming Spring Flower Show, and gave us suggestions and ideas
in which to interpret the different categories. For example in the cup
and saucer category one should use small and delicate flowers for a
china cup and larger bolder flowers for a heavier pottery cup and

She suggested different leaves that could be rolled or folded, and to
introduce different textures of plants, eg lambs ear which is grey and
fluffy, or Chatham Island Forget-me-not that is green and shiny that
give different prospective to the arrangement.

It was a very informative night and inspired several of us to enter
this section of the Flower Show – some of us for the first time.

Our October meeting will be a visit to the Lawrence and Tapanui area
to view the daffodils and tulips. If anyone is interested in joining
us for this occasion please contact Lyne Carlyle on 4822 822.

Raffles were won by Glenys Barnett 1st prize; Daphne Henderson 2nd
prize; Rowena Park 3rd prize.
Best Bloom: Robyn Ellison 1st prize; Rowena Park 2nd prize; Glenys
Clements 3rd prize.
Best Vegetable: Glenys Clements 1st prize (broccoli); Glenys Clements
2nd prize (celery); Lyn Hastie 3rd prize (carrots).

by Lesley Smith

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