Thursday, 20 September 2007

Blueskin Bay Library

Kia ora once again. Isn't Spring wonderful! Are you all blooming and
colourful and so energetic you might be dangerous? Of course you are.
So you will want to know what's new at the library. Read about our
proposed new hours. We need to know what you think. Poetic energy is
always high in Blueskin Bay and we hope you will contribute to our
poetry book, with a poem, or a bright idea for a name, and/or a
beautiful cover design. There will be prizes as well as the honour
and glory. The Art and Craft Exhibition is on this month., so watch
out for that. Work on the banner continues, as does storytelling,
book club and reading, reading.

Proposed Changes to Opening Hours
Based on staff observation, discussions with customers and the
findings from previous surveys, the Library wishes to undertake
further consultation with the Blueskin Bay community on possible
changes to library opening hours:
Current hours: 2.00pm-5.30pm
Proposed hours: 2.00pm-7.00pm
Current hours: 2.00pm-5.30pm
Proposed hours: 2.00pm-6.00pm
Current hours: 10.00am-12.00pm and 2.00pm–8.00pm
Proposed hours: 10.00am-12.00pm and 2.00pm–6.00pm
Current hours: 11.00am-2.00pm
Proposed hours: 10.00pm–1.00pm
Please send your comments on these proposed new hours back to the
Blueskin Bay Library by Wednesday 31 October.

Poetry Book 2007

The staff of Blueskin Bay library were so impressed by the excellence
of the poetry written by the children of Waitati and Warrington
schools for the poetry curtain, that we would like to put them into a
book. We are planning three copies, one for each of the schools, and
one for the library for lending.

We have asked the community to contribute poems, but we would
particularly like to challenge the staff of the schools to write
something. Members of the library staff are also being pressured to
write. Something brief would be fine. We thought of a deadline of
October 19, but extensions would be considered. If this is
successful, we could make it an annual event, and give some focus and
reward to the children's efforts.

Naming our book

Our poetry volume would need a name, something we could use each year.
Suggestions are invited from everyone (adults and children). A prize
will be given for the best name. We will collect entries at the
library. Please have them to us by October 19.

Designing a cover

We could have a different cover every year, to be designed by local
children. A prize will be given for the chosen design. We will
announce the name, because that will need to be on the cover, and two
weeks later, (exact date to be announced) you can drop your brilliant
design into the library.

A big thanks to the team at Blueskin Nurseries who will be donating a
prize towards this competition - thanks guys we really appreciate your

Arts and Crafts Exhibition

You will be eagerly awaiting this famous event with all its variety,
originality and consistently high standards. Make a note of this date
so that you don't miss it!

• 15 - 20 October
• Set up at Waitati Hall Sunday 14 October, 2 – 4pm.
• Opening 5 – 6pm.
• Light refreshments will be served.

Better still – be in it: Artists, craftspeople, children, please
contact Louise to register by Sunday, October 14. Phone 482 2444,
email: or call in to the library.

Banner project

The completion of this beautiful banner is well in hand. But more
hands would be welcome. Even if you have not been one of the workers
so far, and if you enjoy needlework, painting, and would like to be
involved, leave your name and contact details at the library so that
Kate can contact you.


As usual, we have our stories for little ones in the library every
Friday at 10.30. Come along and enjoy.

Heinke's session:

On every second Friday Heinke has been telling stories for older
children in the hall committee room. To help us organise this, we have
decided to take registrations, so that Heinke can respond to interest.
If you intend to come, please give us your name at the library. The
dates are Oct 12 and 26, 4pm.

Christmas Angels

We are still taking names for Vicki's workshop on making beautiful
beaded angels for your Christmas tree. Don't miss out.

The Library at Warrington

This month we will be in Warrington on Thursday 4 October 2 – 3pm,
Wednesday 17 October, 2 – 3pm, Wednesday 31 October, 2 – 3pm. We hope
to see you there.

Warrington Book Club

Our members meet Helen and Kate for book talk, activities and
refreshments on Tuesday 23 October 3.15 – 4.30. All are welcome.

Staff News

Welcome back: Amanda comes back from maternity leave on Friday 26
October. We are looking forward to having her rejoin our team. Come
in and say hello!

Bye from Louise, Carolyn, Helen, Kate, Mike and Meaghan.

by Louise Booth

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