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Warrington Reserve Group releases questionnaire results

Thank you to the 40 people who filled in our forms. Our Warrington
adult population is about 320, or 220 households, so for research
purposes this is a high response rate and we are very pleased. The
seven people in our core organisational group, who designed this
questionnaire, did not participate, so all the replies are from the
general public.

We have included the exact number of people who responded to each
question, plus the percentage of respondents this represents. We have
also provided a summary of your comments, to give you an overview of
the information we received.

If you would like to see all eleven pages of our full and detailed
report, which includes all your comments and suggestions, please phone
Karen 4822 762. We can email it to you, or you can view a copy at the
Blueskin Bay library, Warrington School, or the notice board by the
Warrington Post Boxes. We will be giving copies of these results to
the Parks and Reserves Dept of the DCC, the Waikouaiti Coast Community
Board, and interested groups in our area for further feedback.

Feel free to phone Karen 482 2762 if you wish to discuss these results.

by Karen Hobday

Summarised results to Warrington Reserve Group Questionnaire

Please note: U/A = unanswered

Do you like the general idea of the planting draft for the playground
area? Yes 32 (80%) No 7 (17.5) U/A 1 (2.5%)
Comments: Like the protection from wind; still allowing sun and open
space; beautifies area; preventing destruction from vehicles; leaves
room for car parking.
Concerns: Rabbits, sand, and drought could prevent plants from
growing; who will maintain it; less open space for playing and
visibility of children; Should put planting on other side of the road.

Do you like the lower tussocks/grasses nearest the surf club? Yes 34
(85%) No 4 (10%) U/A 2 (5%)
Do you like the higher planting on the bay side of the playground? Yes
31 (77.5%) No 6 (15%) U/A 3 (7.5%)
Suggestions: Like tall trees;don't want trees too tall; plants that
don't require much water; no shading from the sun; needs to be wind
efficient; leave it as it is; would like native trees.

We are working with the DCC to create a notice board for information
about the beach and reserve, to be located near the playground. Our
first choice is option A (see draft plan), which is close to where the
road forks (to the bay and to the surf club/playground) because most
people would see it on their way to the beach or bay. Do you like this
site? (option A) Yes 30 (75%) No 5 (12.5%) U/A 5 (12.5%)
Do you prefer it to be beside the playground? (option B) Yes 6 (15%)
No 22 (55%) U/A 12 (30%)
Other suggested sites: Opposite side of track by the surf club; in the
traffic island; many signs rather than just one; next to toilets and
change shed.
Concerns: Vandalism; restricting visibility of motorists.

We would like to relocate the campervan sewage dump station away from
the playground for health reasons. We suggest the new location be by
the sewage pumps, on the side of the road to the bay. Do you agree?
Yes 38 (95%) No 1(2.5%) U/A 1 (2.5%)
Comments: Easy access is important; tell DCC move it or lose it;
concerns with cost; leave where is and put fresh water tap close by
with clear signage.

What activities do you think are OK on the beach?
Fires: Yes 21(52.5%) No 16(40%) U/A 3(7.5%)
Camping-tents: Yes 14(35%) No 25(62.5%) U/A 1(2.5%)
Camping-campervans: Yes 3 (7.5%) No 35(87.5%) U/A 2(5%)
Horse riding: Yes 30(75%) No 9 (22.5%) U/A 1(2.5%)
Motorbikes: Yes 6 (15%) No 33(82.5%) U/A 1(2.5%)

What activities do you think are OK on the Domain?
Fires: Yes 23 (77.5%) No 16(40%) U/A 1(2.5%)
Camping-tents: Yes 34(85%) No 4 (10%) U/A 2(5%)
Camping-campervans: Yes 35(87.5%) No 3 (7.5%) U/A 2(5%)
Horse riding: Yes 31(77.5%) No 9 (22.5%) U/A nil
Motorbikes: Yes 11(27.5%) No 28 (70%) U/A 1(2.5%)
Comments: No vehicles or motorbikes on beach, estuary or domain; a
designated area for motorbikes in the lupin/scrub area; designated
horse trails; fire signs should change as conditions do; like having
few restrictions.

We have a fire risk at certain times of the year, but people light
fires anyway, so we could construct some purpose built, contained
fireplace areas on the large grassed part of the Domain to minimise
the risk. Do you think this is a good idea? Yes 27 (67.5%) No 10 (25%)
U/A 3 (7.5%)
Comments: Should we be encouraging wood use from the domain for
firewood? Allow fires during low risk periods only – could we police

Would you use gas barbecues, if they were installed?
Yes 13 (32.5%) No 22 (55%) U/A 5(12.5%)
Comments: Most people have their own; Get ones that use charcoal; Make
concrete benches for portable barbecues.

We think we need more rubbish bins on the domain, and at the car park
area on the bay (back beach).
Yes 33 (82.5%) No 4 (10%) U/A 3 (7.5%)
Other sites for rubbish bins? End of the road to the beach;
Everywhere; Receptacles and bags provided for dog excrement.
Concerns: Vandalism; mess from birds and wind; encourages more litter
– people should take it with them.

Do you think our toilet facilities are adequate?
Yes 17 (42.5%) No 18 (45%) U/A 5 (12.5%)
If no, what would you like to see changed/upgraded? More frequent
maintenance; replace gent's urinal; bigger toilets; more light;
upgrade hand basins; shower facilities; better drinking facilities;
love the art.

We would like to make the entrance to the bay, at the corner of Bank
and Bay Roads, safer for people by stopping vehicle access. Would you
support this? Yes 30 (75%) No 9 (22.5%) U/A 1 (2.5%)
Comments: As long as access includes prams, horses and dinghys.
If no, why? Quick emergency access; we take our boat this way; convenient.

We want to protect the wildlife on the beach, such as sea lions, and
birds, especially the rare black oyster catchers that try to breed at
the far end of the spit, the pied stilts, and the godwits that rest on
the spit every summer before flying to Alaska. We would also like to
protect the sand dunes, especially from damage by motorbikes and four
wheel drives. What do you think we can do to best protect our area?

30 people responded (75%). 16 people want no vehicles on beach or bay;
1 wanted to restrict vehicle access to before first break during
spring and summer; 3 wanted designated areas for motorbikes to keep
them off the beach and dunes. 1 person doesn't think dunes need
protection from motorbikes. 7 people said use educational signs to
raise awareness of wildlife and damage to dunes. 1 person suggested
using local rangers. 1 person said wind erosion is a concern on the
dunes. 7 people mentioned dogs, and suggested better dog control; dogs
banned; discourage dogs from far end of spit; police poor dog owner

What do you like best about our beach and reserve?

29 people responded (72.5%): Peace; space; freedom; quiet;
tranquillity; natural beauty; not many people; wildlife; still
pristine and wild.
Freedom of activities: to walk a dog (3 people); ride a horse (1
person); drive a vehicle (2 people); swimming (1 person); gathering
kai moana (1 person)

What do you like least about our beach and reserve?
25 people responded (62.5%): noisy motorbikes and vehicles on the
beach and bay (12 people); uncontrolled dogs (4 people); rubbish (3
people); inconsiderate people (3 people); sewage pond (2 people);
wilding pine trees (2 people); lack of native vegetation (2 people);
exposed domain since pine trees cut down (2 people); no bike trials (1
person); toilets (1 person); bureaucracy (1 person).

Have we missed any area of interest or concern for you?
19 people responded (47.5%): dogs (3 people); wilding pines, cockle
limits; rocks overharvested; judder bars; supporting carnivals;
replanting where pines were cut down; loss of recreational area for
horse and motorbike riders; powerpoints for self contained campers;
fee for camping on the domain.

What do you think are our most important areas of the beach and
reserve and how do you think we can best protect them?
22 people responded (55%): far end of spit including protecting
wildlife (7 people); whole area is important (5 people); discourage
dogs and vehicles (4 people); native plantings (3 people); rock/rock
pools (3 people); protecting kai moana (2 people); education about
wildlife (2 people); support surf club (2 people), dunes (1 person);
sign post nesting areas (1 person); continue freedom camping on domain
(1 person); different management for different areas (1 person);
hectors dolphins (1 person); minimise erosion (1 person).

Results compiled by Roxy Hesson, Wiremu Bretton and Karen Hobday

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