Thursday, 23 August 2007

Warrington Reserve Group Notice

Warrington Reserve Group: Marine Mammal Sightings
Are you a regular beach walker?
Are you a surfer or ocean gazer?

Warrington Beach and Blueskin Bay are host to a number of marine
mammal visitors:
•NZ Fur Seals (pointy nose, dark brown; on rocky areas)
•Hookers Sealions (rare and declining in number - blunt nose, males
large brown/black, females smaller cream/silver; on sandy beaches and
•Leopard Seals (sandy grey with speckles)
•Elephant Seals (broad snub nose, big round body, big eyes)
•Hectors Dolphins (endangered - rounded dorsal fin; small pods; patrol
surf zone)
•Dusky Dolphins (pointed dorsal fin; leap and jump more; large pods;
beyond surf zone)
•Southern Right Whales*

The Warrington Reserve Group is keen to develop a comprehensive record
of marine mammal sightings to get an idea of population trends and how
things are changing locally. We would appreciate being informed of any
sightings you make, noting: the date; the species; and time spent

Contact: Jannine Cunningham 4822 006 (leave a message) or email:
jannjo @ earthlight . co . nz .

* DOC has a national campaign to find out how large the NZ Mainland
population of Southern Right Whales is, and are keen for sightings to
be reported to: 0800 362 468

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