Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Warrington designer wore down the competition

Congratulations to Rowan Holt who took up the challenge of entering
the 2007 Novadown Fashioned Feathers Wearable Art Show. Rowan was
persuaded into entering the competition with only 3 weeks to design
and make her outfit. Designers were given a bag of feathers and white
down-proof cotton fabric - its use was the only stipulated requirement
of entering the competition – the rest was left to each designer's
imagination. There were 15 other entries in the Public Collection
with some truly unique ensembles.

Rowan's entry was aptly named Last Drops of Winter and its description
follows: This three-piece ensemble has used colours from the last days
of winter and celebrates the first signs of spring. The designer has
created a unique paper from the feathers and has used felt, stitch and
shellac to trap feathers and down in layers of thread. The fabric has
been hand dyed and used in the waistband, bias binding and bodice

The Warrington supporters in the audience loved the beautiful detail
and natural, vibrant colour. Well done Rowan, your outfit was truly
amazing and we are looking forward to seeing another creation on the
catwalk next year.

by Dawn Hope

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