Thursday, 23 August 2007

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

Community Clean-up Days

Prior to making a decision on applying current landfill charges to the
community clean up days, Council referred the matter back to the
affected Boards for comment. The issue of charging was discussed by
the Board at our July meeting at which the Board resolved "that the
Board approve the retention of the community clean-up days with no
extra charge but the Board investigate ways of introducing economical,
and financially viable, methods of disposing green waste to reduce the
demand on the skips." The views of all affected Boards will be
collated and presented to Council for their consideration in due

At the same meeting the Board considered underwriting the supply of an
industrial mulcher at the next clean up day; this is seen as a way of
reducing the amount of green waste disposed of through the skips while
also providing an additional service by accepting larger quantities of
green waste. The Board resolved "That the Board agree to underwrite
the cost of supplying a mulching machine at the next community clean
up day, through its discretionary budget; and that a charge of $10 per
load is charged to those using the service; and that the service is
promoted through the usual clean up day notice and the Blueskin News"
The finer details of this trial are being worked through and will be
advertised as outlined in the resolution.

Northern Water Schemes

Staff anticipate award of contract will occur early in October. This
project currently targets commissioning for Waitati in March 2008,
Warrington June /July 2008, and Karitane October 2008. Commissioning
of the upgraded Waikouaiti treatment plant is programmed for October


Recent flooding has further highlighted the need for communities to
prepare for these emergencies. A civil defence training session will
occur on the 27th August involving DCC civil defence staff the Board,
police, fire service and community groups.

Community Plan

The Draft Community Plan is to be issued for comment copies will be
available in our local libraries and through the DCC; comments on the
Plan will be received until 30 September. Comments received will be
considered by the new Board.

Other projects

Pedestrian facilities/Safe Walking Spaces: A staff report is expected
to be presented to the Boards September meeting.

Blueskin Bay Library Upgrade: The community steering group continues
to work with Staff on the details of this project.

Proposed Rural Landscape Plan Change: I have been advised that public
notification of the proposed Plan change is now scheduled for January

Local Government Elections:

A thank you to those members of the community standing for the
Community Board, City Council, Regional Council or District Health
Board. I encourage all those eligible to, to exercise their right to

Finally just a reminder if you have any issues you wish to raise with
the Board please feel free to contact any Board member directly.

by Gerard Collings
Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

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