Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Review: Soul Deep gig in August

Greetings, Earthlings!

The night of Saturday 11 August, the Mothership came to town. Well, to
be more precise, a special tele-portal was set up, entrance via the
doors of the Waitati Hall. Those with advance warning of the
visitation had tickets, others had to find 12 space-credits to get in.
But once inside distillations of little green men and other juices
were served at the bar, and aliens and humanoids mingled in a true
spirit of intergalactic friendship, with lasers kept sheathed (by and
large). Of course, such a gigantic galactic cocktail could not have
successfully occurred without the mixer of Soul Deep, whose funking
rhythms jammed bad vibes and broadcast feel good, on a wide band, all
evening. There is no evidence that unsteady steps later on Sunday
morning were caused by a Time Warp, it seems the computational matrix
was just about perfect. And creative use of a moderated Total
Perspective Vortex ensured this time there was 'space' enough, but
we'll need to consider Mothership (and hall) parameters when the
structure is next modified.

Thank you to all who came, saw and experienced; thank you to all who
helped and did all there was to do; thank you to the sponsors: Taste
Nature, Evansdale Cheese, Blueskin Nursery, Blueskin Café, Goughs
Dunedin, Waitati PTA; and thank you SOUL DEEP.

Please report any unusual births, exploded neurons or alien eruptions
from your abdomen over the next few weeks or the next Waitati PTA
meeting (you might want to make suggestions for next year's 'Bit Of A
Do' at the same time).

Winners on the night included: Raffle 1: Roslyn Hutchison, Tracy
Browning, Monique Bennett; Raffle 2: Tracy and Tony, Jurgen, Rayna;
Best Costume: Beckford; Most Likely to be Beamed Up: Karan; Scariest
Creature: Jurgen; Funkenstein Groovemeister: Marie Lloyd; and one
mysterious lucky ticket holder. However escape pods jettisoned early
put a number of competitors out of the running.

One final sad note: Laika, the Russian Space Dog got lost on the
night. Please report any sightings to Scott (482 2249), or tie him up
at the library. Any sightings of a silver and red Lada flying
erratically around Waitati should be reported to the appropriate

by Scott Willis

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