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Blueskin News Opinion feature: solid waste disposal

A brief recent history of garbage in Waitati and environs

From the mists of the past until about 1970 there was a landfill tip
between Doctors Point Road and the railway near Black's Bridge. This
was reaching capacity and there was also concern about leaching into
the river.
A skip system was begun [here and at Warrington] by Waikouaiti County
and carried on by Silverpeaks County. The skip was emptied when
required at the Waikouaiti landfill. The service ceased a couple of
years after Silverpeaks was taken over by Dunedin City Council. At
this stage a rubbish collection was begun more or less as we have at

There were both advantages and disadvantages with the skip system.
Advantages were that just about anything could be tossed in the skip
[and taken out by someone else] and it thus had a function as a
recycling depot. It also encouraged a higher degree of garbage
processing at household level than now seems to be the case judging by
the interest dogs take in plastic rubbish bags. A disadvantage was
that the skips encouraged an interesting local ecosystem of rats and
cats. Skips also used to catch fire occasionally.

The reason given by the DCC for the skips' demise was that the service
was abused by non-local residents. I suspect there was also political
pressure from people who didn't like the look of the skips despite
considerable local volunteer efforts at landscaping (the remains of
which can be seen at the old Waitati site).

In compensation for the loss of skip service we were promiosed a
drive-by general trash collection approximately three times per year:
one would have been able to put out unwanted items outside one's
property and they would have been taken away.

This of course didn't happen. Instead we had the skip at Evansdale - a
further dstep in the direction of adddiction to the motor vehicle.
Next step was the abandonment of Evansdale in favour of Warrington

See front page 2 July Blueskin News for the latest [proposed fees for
skip use]. I think it sucks especially in consideration of what we
actually get in Blueskin Bay under the regime of uniform rating across
the whole greater Dunedin DCC money mine.

by Pete Smith

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