Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Blueskin Garden Club Report for Blueskin News

The August Meeting of the Blueskin Garden Club was held on August 9th
at Lyne Carlyle's home. There we were taken through the delights of
Vietnam with Lyne Carlyle and Ann Ferguson, two of our members who
have recently travelled to that wonderful country. Lyne travelled with
a group of friends and had a great time trekking in the mountains,
meeting the local people and sleeping in all sorts of different
places. Ann visited Vietnam to attend cooking classes, and at the end
of our meeting we were able to sample a little taste of Vietnam.

Thanks to Lyne and Ann for a very interesting night which was well attended.

Raffles were won by:
Margaret Meder - 1st prize
Ethel Beadle - 2nd prize
Lesley Smith - 3rd prize

Best Bloom competition was won by:
Daphne Henderson and Lesley Smith - 1st equal

Best Vegetable competition was won by:
Daphne Henderson

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday September 13th at the
Waitati Hall at 7.30pm: Val Ransom will be demonstrating flower
arranging and giving us some ideas and hints for our upcoming Flower
All visitors will be made most welcome. If you are thinking of
entering the flower arranging section of the Flower Show this might be
a good opportunity for you to obtain some ideas.

Don't forget our Spring Flower Show is to be held in the Waitati Hall
the weekend of 22nd & 23rd September.

by Lesley Smith

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