Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Warrington School's learning at the beach

On Friday the 20th of July Warrington School went for a trip to the
beach. We had lunch very quickly and then got into pairs and walked
excitedly to the beach. First we explored the little rock-pools, and
then worked our way up the beach to the larger rock-pools. We saw
starfish, limpets, tuatua, crabs, mussels, barnacles and lots of
seaweed. The strangest find was the sea tulip and we found that this
was an animal.

On Monday the 23rd we classified these animals when Matthew White came
to our class. He helped us to put them into their phyla.

by Izzie Locker and Florence Sorrel

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "blueskin.co.nz".

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