Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Warrington Reserve Group August contribution to Blueskin News

Planting Proposal

We have had a great response to our questionnaire, so thanks go to all
of you who participated. There is a
wonderful diversity of suggestions and feedback, and some clear themes
on what is important to people. We
are in the process of collating the results, and will have them in the
next Blueskin News for you. If you
still have a filled-in questionnaire and want to get it to us, please
phone Karen Hobday 4822762 or put it
in the return slot at the side of the Warrington Postal Boxes
building. It's never too late to have
your say!

Community Consultation

There was a good turn out to the Coastal Dune Reserve Management Plan
meeting with Ruth Mckain. It was run as a public workshop, where we
divided into smaller groups to record all our ideas on what we value
in our
reserve, what we want to see in the future, difficulties/issues, and
options/solutions to these difficulties. She has simular meetings in
other areas, as there are 11 coastal reserves between Waikouaiti and
Kuri Bush. DCC staff will then develop a management strategy, and
there will be another opportunity for the public to have their say in
response to the new strategy.

Hector's Dolphins

In May several members of our group participated in a consultation
meeting about Hector's Dolphins, with
Dept of Conservation, Ministry of Fisheries, Forest and Bird, and
others involved in research of Hector's
Dolphins. This is because the government is looking at a new strategy
on how best to protect them, as they
are a small population and very vulnerable. A discussion document is
anticipated at the end of August, looking at how best to manage the
threats to Hector's dolphins. Afterwards we discussed having a public
meeting in our area in Spring, with some researchers from the
university, so Blueskin Bay residents have the opportunity to learn
more about our local population of dolphins.

We are working with the DCC to create information signs on our local
wildlife and activities at the beach, for both locals and visitors.
Preparatory processes continue, so that the archaeological work needed
at the site where the pine trees were cut down can progress, and then
we can get on with fencing and planting. We still hope to be ready to
plant soon. We'll keep you posted.

by Karen Hobday
Warrington Reserve Group

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "blueskin.co.nz".

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