Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ecosanctuary article for Blueskin News August

There are three talented newcomers to welcome to the Ecosanctuary this
month – Mrs Roto and her family, Kelly Gough and Neville Peat.

Neville Peat, a noted author and conservationist has been elected to
the vacant Trustee position.

Kelly Gough, a local girl with a farming background and recent
graduate of the DOC Conservation Corps course has been employed as a
Ranger. Kelly, Elton and a group of volunteers have been busy with
beginning the massive task of cutting the tracks for pest monitoring.

You may remember reading about Mrs Roto. She is the kaka from the
Botanic Gardens who last year successfully raised four chicks with a
little help from a band of huhu grub hunters. She and some of her
family have moved into the Orokonui aviary. After the pest eradication
and a period of familiarisation with their new home range some of the
kaka will be released. They will be encouraged to stay around by
supplementary feeding.

The next local meeting is on Wed, August 15th, 7.30pm at the Hall.
There will be an opportunity to meet and talk with the new General
Manager, Chris Baillie. She will be giving a talk on the environmental
projects that she has worked on in Australia.

For further information on the Ecosanctuary see our box at the
Blueskin Bay Library or visit our www.orokonui.org.nz


by Sue Hensley

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