Thursday, 26 July 2007

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The first Thursday table tennis session involved seven players. Digby
Hodgson was unbeaten, Terry Shephard was clearly runner-up, but there
was no official scorekeeping. Good performances were given by Hank
Haining, Peter Dowden, Steve the dart player, Peter Smith and Frank
O'Neill. Eight players fronted for the first week of what looks like
a two-divison competion with five to six matched exponents in each.

Being a small Table Tennis competion means only one table is required,
in the whole area of the village hall. This allows play well beyond
the twelve-foot zone, Digby was smashing from at least ten foot and
Rakeesh was easily belting them back. Rakeesh won comfortably two-nil,
the same margin he beat Stuart Griffiths by. Stuart is a very
experienced left hander, almost impossible to beat. Until this fixture
this reporter had never seen him beaten. Rakeesh is a quality
preformer and has set the Blueskin Bay standard. Stuart played four
matches and lost only to Rakeesh. Digby Hodgson played three matches
and lost to Stuart and Rakeesh. Jonathan Appleby lost to Hodgson and
Stuart 0-2, then dismantled Gerry 2-0. Terry Shephard again played
well in losing to Stuart 0-2 and defeating Gerry 2-0. Gerry's play
improved noticably.

The next Thursday of competion was held on an icy cold evening and had
six players: Digby Hodgson beat Jonathan Appleby and Steve 2-0 . Terry
Sheppard showed grit in finishing Steve 2-1. Jonathan played well
to capitalise on an understrength Hank Haining (with a dodgy back).
What was evident in this round was the potential of Steve and the
application and drive of Jonathan. The closeness of the players was
demonstrated in a friendly between Terry and Digby; the score went to

Blueskin Table Tennis is likely to run another eight weeks. We advise
attending soon at 8pm Thursdays if you want to be in competion. Casual
players welcome anytime.


The 2007 player of the year was Brent Bell. His batting average is
68, with best scores 57 and 55 not out. All Brent's innings resulted
in a 50-plus partnership, and he shared a 100 partnership with Rakeesh
in the club finals. There are a handful of Blueskin Bay village
cricketers who could foot it in high-level club cricket . There is at
least one who could reach rep standard: Brent Bell of Castle CC.

The captain of the year was Jonathan Appleby. To be judged best over
Frank O'Neill is an extraordinary achievement. Jonathan always
conducted himself in a manner serving only the intersets of the game,
his character is impeccable and his success was shown in a classy
victory over the club champions in round play and in taking his team
to the club finals.

Peter Appleby was a controversal Most Improved Player. Terry Sheppard
had rewarded Castle's confidence in keeping him as openning batsman
all season. Terry jumped from defending his wicket for less than one
over duck to staying the distance of 40-odd balls and a partnership of
twenty. Peter started from the reserve bench to almost 'player of the
day' for his side on his last appearence.

Best-dressed player had to be Hank Haining. He was a treat to behold,
always turning out in pressed whites, apart from the final when he
wore his pinks due to a laundary error. Chris Robinson (Castle) was
highly commended, as was Chris Hanning for their exciting use of
women's undergarments (Robinson) and towelling bathrobe (Hanning).


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