Thursday, 19 July 2007

Blueskin Garden Club's latest news

The Blueskin Garden Club held its monthly meeting on Saturday 7 July
2007 which was in the form of a felting workshop. The workshop was
held at the Warrington Hall starting at 10am with a cup of tea and
Selma Simmons then took us through the process of "felting",
commencing with the wetting and matting of the wool. When dried this
was then made (with lots of laughter and enjoyment) into small animal
creatures, pictures and for the more ambitious handbags. During the
construction of our works of art, lunch and more cups of tea were
partaken and of course more talking! It was a most enjoyable day and
many thanks must go to Selma for all her preparation and enthusiasm.

The next meeting of the Garden Club will be held on Thursday August
9th when we will be taken through a tour of Vietnam, and watch
Vietnamese food being cooked by one of our members. We will then be
able to sample some of the flavours of Vietnam.
This meeting is to be held at Lyne Carlyle's house at 12 Station Road,
Warrington, where new members would be most welcome. Phone Lyne on
4822 822 for more information.

by Lesley Smith

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