Saturday, 23 June 2007

Wild Blueskin feature: Possum Ridge Track

Pussum Ridge is a more challenging 4-hour walk with steep descents and
climbs. Fitness is required as are boots, warm clothes, parka, gloves,
hatt, food and drink.

Drive north from Waitati and turn left at Double Hill Road just past
the Blueskin General Store. About 7km from the turn off, leave your
car half a km past the second car-park sign on Mountain Road. Park on
the right.

Walk north along the road about half a km until you see a DOC sign on
the left "To Possum Hut". A steep clay bank with water-filled moat
lies behind the sign. Foot access is to the right of the moat, then
turn left at the top of the initial rise. Follow the well-defined
undulating track (Huinters Access Track #1) through manuka, larch and
cut gorse for half an hour until you see a sign hanging from a branch
on your left: "Possum Hut". Follow the flagged route through the dark
trees and down very steeply to two stream crossings. This is all
clearly defined and you'll reach the air-conditioned Possum Hut about
an hour after leaving the road.

The track continues almost vertically from the front of the hut then
eases off somewhat. Watch for slippery exposed roots, especially after
rain. The track is easily followed right around past the Green Hut
site and on to Mountain Road where you'll be glad to see your car
waiting. Total time for trip about 4 hours.

We prefer the above-mentioned route but it is possible to do this
tramp in reverse order starting at the second car park on Mountain
Road. You then have the slippery roots on the steep descent to Possum
ut to contend with and the steep climb through the pine forest.

by George Sutherland
Green Hut Track Group

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "".

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