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Waitati Film Society Programme for July 2007

The 'Second Half of 2007' programme started midway through July, so
for clarity, here's the Waitati Film Society's July programme -the


Half year memberships are now available at $30. Drama, comedy,
history or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant environment
with convivial company. Membership allows you free entry to screenings
of Film Society as well as discounts at Film Festivals and some
Dunedin cinemas.
Ring: Brigitte 482-2829 or Leonie 482-2508 for more info or check out
our website:

Tuesday July 3
The Irish Catholic church, sanctioned by the Government, decreed
unmarried mothers as in moral danger (no mention of their boyfriends)
and for 150 years sent them to the Magdalene Laundries for their
protection and punishment. With nuns acting as virtual jailers,
generations of girls endured slave labour and were deprived of their
freedom and contact with family and society, some, for all of their
lives. This film dramatisation follows the fates of three such women.

Tuesday July 11
Head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover himself introduces this film
confirming that the Bureau provided files used to construct a tale of
Nazi spies who provided their German masters with details of the
development of an atomic bomb in USA. Novel for its time, the
presentation is as a documentary thriller with voice-over narration,
newsreel shots, use of actual FBI agents as actors and meticulous
attention to detail. 88m

Tuesday July 18
Skip McCoy, a petty crook driven solely by greed, steals a wallet
containing a highly secret microfilm. In the seedy underworld of New
York with its shadowy world of federal agents and communist spies,
neither of whom can persuade Skip to part with the film by either
appealing to his sense of patriotism or offering what he sees as
insufficient money. The story is reminiscent of McCarthyism in its
strong anti-communist theme. 80m

Tuesday July 24
SOFT SKIN (France/Portugal 1964)
A superb tragi-comedy of adultery in which a middle-aged intellectual
ducking out from under a demanding wife tries to turn a casual affair
with an air hostess into the love of his life but succeeds only in
triggering a calamitous crime of passion. 113min.
(This has been changed from 'Stolen Kisses' previously announced.)

Tuesday Aug 14
Named after his last solo album, this is an insight into the real John
Lennon and his influence on the 20th century through his music and
very public promotions of peace and love. Edited from over 100 hours
of film and tape donated by Yoko Ono, and with largely Lennon's own
commentary, it exposes us to many aspects of the man and the personal
history that made him what he was. 100min.

by Leonie Rousselot

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