Friday, 22 June 2007

Matariki celebrated in Warrington

On the 19th of June the Warrington community celebrated Matariki. We
met at the four corners of Warrington then we walked back to
school and paraded our lanterns around the netball court. The whole
school did a haka, sung some songs and did a dance based on the story
of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.

The adults all brought a snack for the shared meal. The children
played around and did things like going for ghost walks and seeing how
far they could go in the dark with no torch. Every now and then the
kids would come up to the deck for a snack.

We all had a great time and nobody got hurt except those who tripped.

by Izzie Locker and Eva Stoddart


Anonymous said...

omg i cant believe i wrote that when i was seven! im forteen now, and im that author!

Anonymous said...

That really rocked. I'm pregnant, and I'll call me kid Izzie with an "Ie" cause I loved that.