Friday, 22 June 2007

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The Waitati Women's Open has expanded to 5 players, just as the two
original competitors were looking to play the final in their first game,
three new combatants put their hands up. Each player will now play two
games to determine the semi-finals draw. The originals Tess and Julie
are now joined by Ali Charlton, Rowan Holt and Nicola Mutch. Rowan and
Nicola as a doubles pair know each other like sisters. With the
woman's events as well patronised as the mens, the justification for
building the tennis court surface at Bland Park must be entrenched. The
men's draw had one withdrawal and three late entries (one of which Jason
Deans needs to call 482 2120, as we need your correct phone number) Mark
Dickson (a handy cricketer too) and our local Junior Champion Henry make up
the newbies.

The first round match between Luke and Marty of Warrington has
produced drama of Shakespearean standard. With a last name of Parry;
Luke would have to be an accomplished player. He is legend for beating
fancied players in his bare feat. When Marty walked on a Warrington
private court he felt the full face of Luke's racquet and capitulated
set one 6-1. Now Marty does not take defeat lightly and is a master at
strategy. In every district there is one "player to the crowd" who, when
the crowd is behind them and a few early shots go their way, feed
off the crowd. Paying for their nourishment by consistent brilliance and
courage. This excites the crowd who in turn rally their already
invincible darling. In the second set Marty was that darling and he
overcame Luke 6-3. With it all tied up bad light stopped play so you
will have to wait for the next exciting issue.


Opening night 8.30 Thursday 5th July at Waitati Hall. All games
will be on a friendly basis as the competition starts the week following.
Bring a bat if you have one. Competition will offer open, gender and
doubles options. Already interest indicates a good number of quality
players and plenty of social players. Any and all players and supporters


This is not an amateur sport, and is largely a team event however the
season does not conclude without a knock out to decide individual
honours. Some teams are based on cricket club allegiances, but an army
team is likely (Waitati Militia). This sport is the ultimate leveler as
anyone can throw darts with skill. Any and all persons welcome. Play
will start around 8.45pm on 5th July at Waitati Hall and will run
in conjunction with table tennis, facilitating those wishing to compete
in both codes.


Waitati Cricket has a venue and a date for prize giving, thanks to
Louise of the Hall Committee. This noble fixture will occur on Thursday 5th
at 8pm at Waitati Hall. Whilst the dress standard of the cricket
journeymen is impeccable the evening will not be formal. It will serve
as a platform to introduce the table tennis and darts competition formats

by 'Blueskin News' Sports Editor, Digby Hodgson

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