Friday, 22 June 2007

Another long serving volunteer firefighter hangs up his helmet

Chief Fire Officer Jim Clark resigned from the Waitati VFB on 30 June
2007. Jim joined the brigade in 1973. He was promoted to Station
Officer in 1980 and then to Chief Fire Officer in 1986.

In his 34 years, Jim has seen huge changes with the Brigade. Going
from very humble beginnings operating from a converted old cottage
with bottle runs as their main fundraiser, to the station as you see
it today totally supported by the NZ Fire Service. The training
requirements have changed dramatically. The NZFS have a high level of
expectation regarding training for volunteers. The brigade currently
has a membership of eleven. Of these, seven joined within the last
five years an have dedicated much time in completing courses and
gaining a high level of competency through what is known as TAPS
(Training & Progression System).

Jim wishes to publicly acknowledge the commitment and dedication of
all members of the Waitati brigade in their achievements as volunteer
fire fighters.

On 1 July Jim handed over the reins to the newly appointed Officers in
Charge, CFO Jeff Burrow. DCFO Lindsay Scott, SO Brett Fairweather.

by Liz Clark, Secretary Waitati VFB

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your retirement from the volunteers Jim. Best wishes from June and Jim Ormsby in sunny Brissie.