Tuesday, 22 May 2007


What's happening at the Domain?

Although it looks like nothing has happened to replant the area where
the pines were cut down last year, there has been great effort to make
progress. The area is part of an important archaeological site, and
work needs to be carried out there before we can plant. The local
archaeologist who was going to carry out the work has been unable to
do so, due to other work commitments, so now the applications are
being sorted out to allow Richard Walter and Chris Jacomb, of Southern
Pacific Archaeological Research, to complete the work so that we can
then get on with the planting. We have access to lots of mulch, which
we can put on top of the site before planting, to nourish the plants.

Draft Planting Plan: What do you think?

We have been looking at how we can improve the playground area, and
provide shade and shelter from the wind, while still leaving lots of
room for car parking around the edge of the planting. We have included
two drawings, a bird's eye view and a side on view. Our idea is to
create a sheltered, beautiful area, with picnic tables and lots of
room for games and running around.

We want your feedback on our draft planting plan, so please look at
the drawings, and fill in the questionnaire. You can put the completed
forms in cardboard boxes by the postal boxes at Warrington, or at
Blueskin General store. There are also questions on the Warrington
Domain area, beach and bay. We want your feedback, so we have a good
idea about what is important to you, to take to the DCC. Please have
your say.
Community Consultation

There will be a community consultation meeting for the Coastal Dune
Reserves Management Plan with Ruth McKain, DCC Reserves Resource
Officer, at Warrington Hall 7:30-9:30pm June 28. The purpose of this
meeting is to get community opinion on issues relating to the
Warrington Reserve, which will help shape DCC policy, looking after
our beach and reserve in the years to come. We hope many of you will
participate in person. If you cannot go and want some issue raised,
please ring Karen 4822762 or write it down and put it in our
questionnaire box (Warrington postal boxes or Blueskin General Store)
as we want a diversity of interests presented to the DCC. Remember to
register beforehand, if you want to come along (see article on page

Looking for photos: Can you help?

We were wondering if you could help us. We need digital pictures of
children playing on the playground equipment, and people gathering
cockles in the bay (back beach), for a sign about wildlife and
activities. Please ring if you have any you could share with us.

Any questions, please ring Karen 4822762

By Karen Hobday and the Warrington Reserve Group

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "blueskin.co.nz".

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