Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Playground Planting Draft

Do you like the general idea of the planting draft? Yes No


Do you like the lower tussocks/grasses nearest the surf club? Yes No

Do you like the higher planting on the bay side of the playground? Yes No


We are working with the DCC to create a notice board for information
about the beach and reserve, to be located near the playground. Our
first choice is option A (see draft plan), which is close to where the
road forks (to the bay and to the surf club/playground) because most
people would see it on their way to the beach or bay. Do you like this
site? (option A) Yes No

Do you prefer it to be beside the playground? (option B) Yes No

Do you have another suggested site?

We would like to relocate the campervan dump station away from the
playground for health reasons. We suggest the new location be by the
sewage pumps, on the side of the road to the bay.

Do you agree? Yes No

Other suggested location:

Warrington Domain

What activities do you think are OK on the beach and on the grassed
area of the domain?

On the beach On the Domain
Yes No YesNo


Camping- tents

Camping- campervans

Horse riding


Any other comments?

We have a fire risk at certain times of the year, but people light
fires anyway, so we could construct some purpose built, contained
fireplace areas on the large grassed part of the Domain to minimise
the risk. Do you think this is a good idea? Yes No

Would you use gas barbecues, if they were installed? Yes No

We think we need more rubbish bins on the domain, and at the car park
area on the bay (back beach). Yes No Other sites for
rubbish bins?

Do you think our toilet facilities are adequate? Yes No

If no, what would you like to see changed/upgraded?

Beach/ Bay area

We would like to make the entrance to the bay, at the corner of Bank
and Bay Roads, safer for people by stopping vehicle access. Would you
support this? Yes

No If no, why?

We want to protect the wildlife on the beach, such as sea lions, and
birds, especially the rare black oyster catchers that try to breed at
the far end of the spit, the pied stilts, and the godwits that rest on
the spit every summer before flying to Alaska.

We would also like to protect the sand dunes, especially from damage
by motorbikes and four wheel drives.

What do you think we can do to best protect our area?

What do you like best about our beach and reserve?

What do you like least about our beach and reserve?

Have we missed any area of interest or concern for you?

What do you think are our most important areas of the beach and
reserve and how do you think we can best protect them?

Please put completed forms in the cardboard boxes provided, by the
postal boxes at Warrington or Blueskin General Store. Any questions,
phone Karen 4822762

Thank you for your feedback.

Warrington Reserve Group

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