Thursday, 17 May 2007

Warrington Playcentre fundraising with phone company deal

Are you a residential Telecom customer? If so, you could be helping
us at Warrington Playcentre … you can use your Telecom bill to help us
get a bigger share of up to $10 million donated to schools and Early
Learning Centres each year through Telecom's School Connection

It costs nothing to be a sponsor; all you have to do is nominate a
school – Warrington Playcentre! Once your monthly Telecom bill
reaches $50, every $25 you spend earns 1 point for our Playcentre. We
can redeem these points for modern computer technology and equipment,
it's a great way to get the most-up-to-date equipment into our
Playcentre and help our children learn exciting new skills that will
prepare them for the future.

If you would like to become a Warrington Playcentre Telecom School
Connection sponsor please do one of the following:

•Contact Dawn on 482-2787 and request a sponsor sign-up form; or
•Phone 123 to register; or

You will need to supply the following Playcentre details:

•Name of School: Warrington Playcentre
•School Address: PO Box 125, Warrington, Otago

You will also need to supply your own details such as Telecom Account
Holder's name, address and residential phone number.

On behalf of Warrington Playcentre we thank you in advance for your
support. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact
Dawn on 482-2787.

by Dawn Hope, Warrington Playcentre

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