Thursday, 24 May 2007

School launches "Sustainable Warrington" discussion

Warrington School will hold a workshop on June 12 for students,
parents, staff and local residents to discuss the sustainability of
the school and its surrounding community. "Last year we consulted on
directions for the school's curriculum and reviewed the draft national
curriculum," principal Nathan Parker explained. "We are now ready for
another look at where the school may be heading and there's a chance
for everyone to have an input," he said.

Tania Mclean, Education for Sustainability Advisor from the University
of Otago, will assist with the process as a facilitator. The
"Sustainable Warrington" public sessions will run 3-5pm and 7-9pm on
Tuesday June 12. Attendance at one or both of these is open to all
families and other local residents.

by Peter Dowden

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