Thursday, 24 May 2007

Rugby 5s 2007 season report

The 2007 Rugby 5s began with a friendly expo match between Blueskin
Barbarians and Warrington RFC. Barbarians is a rep side from all
Waitati and played up to expectation, with an 8-1 victory over newly
re-formed Warrington. Warrington's effort was brave as they had no sub
on a very hot day.

The competition was on fixed days which meant rain cancelled many
fixtures. By the time daylight saving stopped only two rounds were
complete. Harlequins won the competition beating warrington 6-2 and
Athletic 4-3 in the first round. They then held Warrington back 5-3
and smuggled a last-second draw with Athletic: 3-3 on the second

Athletic finished second overall but were just as deserving as they
had the better of Harlequins in the last act of the season.

Warrington had one win in five appearances. On that day they scored 5
tries to 2, the quality of their play would have matched even the
Blueskin Baba's. Long live warrington RFC.

Blueskin Rugby 5s enjoyed the sponsorship of Lee from Blueskin Bay
Cafe. Thank-you Lee on behalf of all Rugby Fivers for the support of
your establishment.

by Digby Hodgson

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