Monday, 7 May 2007

Reflections on Anzac Day 2007 in Waitati

Thanks to all those who contributed to the preparations and
commemoration of Anzac Day in Blueksin Bay.

The commitment of people to mow the lawn and clean the Cenotaph, make
the wreaths, set up the seating, coordinate the morning tea, create
beautiful floral arrangements, set up the sound system … go unseen
before the actual gathering together, but help make our service truly
a commemoration of the spirit of Anzac – that spirit of giving the
skills and time we have for the good of others.

Next year we would like to celebrate our local soldiers, and provide
better opportunity for those of us who live in the Bay to honour those
from our personal families who worked for peace by making themselves
available for the Armed Services.

If you have any history on any of the people named on the various
memorials around the Bay – Warrington Hall, Waitati Cenotaph, Upper
Junction Memorial – I would appreciate a copy to help create a
resource file for some students to create personal profiles from.

If you are in possession of medals from your forbears, or war stories
from your family history, please preserve them, and think about
whether you might present them for next year's Anzac Day

The idea is still in the brainstorming stage as yet – we welcome your comments.

by Helen Beamish hbeamish @
organiser for Blueskin bay Anzac Day commemorations, 2007

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