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Re: FW: Blueskin News Blueskin Bay Library newsletter for June 2007

Kia ora once again. This month we are reminding you about the 'book
car' at Warrington, story times, the Warrington book club, the men's
wellness programme, 'sick packs' and announcing the arrangements for
the Autumn reading programme prizes.

The 'library comes to Warrington'

The trial period ends soon and so the last dates are Wednesday, June
6, when the 'book car' will be at Warrington Memorial Hall 2-3.30pm,
and Thursday, June 7, when we'll be at the Hall from 6-7pm. You are
welcome to come, borrow books, return books, or sign up as a new
library member. When we have had a chance to assess this trial, we
will let you know how it went.


• At 10.30am every Friday in the library. Helen reads from our
wonderful selection of picture books to whoever, small people, large
people, might like to sit down and listen.

• At 4pm in the Waitati hall, every second Friday, Heinke tells
stories to older children, as well as younger children and adults.
Come along on June 1, 15 and 29. Everyone welcome.

Warrington Children's Book Club

The June meeting will be on Tuesday 26th, 3.15-4.30pm. All keen
readers are welcome to come and share the books they have been reading
with Helen and the other club members. Refreshments provided.

Men's programme.

Planning for this is continuing. Mike would like to hear from any of
the Blueskin Bay men he has not already spoken to. In addition, it
would be good to hear further thoughts from those he has already
spoken with. There have been several suggestions so far but it has
not been easy to get a common thread of interest to base a "Men's
wellness" series on. Most men spoken with so far are not interested
in attending a whole series but might be prepared to attend one or two
evenings of specific interest to them. It is hard to draw in really
good speakers, especially from outside this community, unless we can
guarantee good attendances. Present thoughts are to have occasional
evenings with a topic that is of interest to men.

Sick packs

Winter is here and we hope you glow with good health for the entire
season. But in case you do have to take to your bed, we can provide a
little comfort in the form of a 'sick pack'. The contents will depend
upon whether you are a child or adult, and your reading preferences.
Ask someone to contact us, or contact us yourself if that's convenient
and we'll arrange for a selection of 'goodies' to be made up for you.
You'll feel much better for it.

Prizes for Autumn Reading Programme

This programme has been relatively low-key, and so in that spirit we
have not had the usual grand prize-giving ceremony. But there are
indeed prizes! If you registered for this programme, and achieved
your reading goal, come into the library and collect your prize, which
will have your name on it. You deserve it!

Winter is the time that was probably invented so that we all could
snuggle down with good books, CDs, DVDs etc. Enjoy it! And come and
see us so that we can help you to do just that. Love from Louise,
Carolyn, Helen, Mike and Meaghan.

by Louise Booth

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "".

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