Tuesday, 22 May 2007

DCC calls coastal consultation meeting

Consultation Workshops – Coastal Dune Reserves Management Plan

The Dunedin City Council's Community and Recreation Services Team is
in the process of preparing a management plan for coastal reserves.
The 'Coastal Dune Reserves Management Plan' will cover up to 11
coastal reserves located along the Dunedin City coastline from
Waikouaiti south to Kuri Bush. Many of these reserves are managed for
recreation but also play an important role in coastal protection.

Public consultation is a key part of the process of preparing
management plans and community workshops are being held to explore the
current and future management of Dunedin's dune reserves. The aims of
the workshops are:

• to identify the strengths and values associated with individual reserves
• to identify the desired future outcomes for the reserves over the
next 10 years
• to consider what the issues and barriers are that might prevent
these outcomes being achieved
• to identify the options or solutions that will enable us to overcome
the barriers that have been identified

The purpose of the consultation is to ensure the public have an
opportunity to discuss issues that they feel passionately about, and
to enable those writing the draft management plan to collect
information as to how the communities value and use the reserves, and
to identify what the communities' hopes are for the future uses and
management of the reserves.

The workshops include a presentation by DCC staff about reserve
management and the individual reserves being considered, then split
into groups to discuss and record community input, and finally an Open
Forum where members of the public can ask any questions not covered in
the groups. Staff are present throughout and are available for the
public to chat with after the workshops are finished.

Two successful workshops have already been held, at Waldronville and
Brighton, and three more have been scheduled including:

• Warrington Reserve: Warrington Memorial Hall, Thursday 28th June 7.30-9.30 pm
• Waikouaiti and Karitane Reserves: Karitane Hall, Wednesday 4th July
7.00-9.00 pm

To ensure that numbers can be managed effectively all participants are
asked to register: please contact Lauren Berry on 03 474 3868 or
cars.admin @ dcc.govt.nz.

For further information, please contact Ruth Ruth McKain 474 3595 or
rmckain@dcc.govt.nz, or Dolina Lee 474 3695 or dlee@dcc.govt.nz.

by Ruth McKain, DCC

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