Monday, 16 April 2007

Wild Blueskin feature: Swampy Ridge Track

Swampy Ridge Track

Grade: easy
Administered by: DCC
Bring: boots, warm clothing, parka, food, drink

North from Waitati take the first left just past the Blueskin General
Store into Double Hill Road. Take care on this road, keeping strictly
to the left, especially where visibility is limited on corners and
crests. Park opposite the first DOC sign on the corner of Semple and
Mountain Roads just past the fire-fighting pond on the right (6km from
the Waitati turn-off).

Walk up a rough vehicle track by the sign and take a left turn at the
third DOC sign, "Swampy Summit" – a few minutes in from the road. The
track is clearly defined and undulating through manuka and open
tussock country to the summit with some fine views. It's usually very
windy at the summit by the Airways Corporation navigation equipment
and building.

Return the same way giving a round trip of about 4 hours of pleasant tramping.
This is one of the tracks which we mow when time allows. The growth is
rapid but it's really special when it's freshly cut as it is now.

by George Sutherland
Green Hut Track Group

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