Saturday, 21 April 2007

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board news

Annual Plan Meetings

A thank you to those who were able to attend the recent DCC draft
annual plan meetings, it is acknowledged that these were not well
advertised, this has been discussed with staff to ensure that these
sorts of meetings are advertised in our local community newspapers
where time permits.

Northern Water Schemes

Staff provided an update on progress and a revised programme to the
Board at our March meeting. The current programme indicates work
commencing on the Waikouaiti treatment plant upgrade in October 2007.

The programme also targets August 2007 for the award of tender for the
first stage of the pipeline. Stage 1 includes the pipeline to Waitati
and storage for Waitati and Warrington. The programme targets
commissioning for Waitati in March 2008 and Warrington in June /July

DCC advertised for registrations of interest from appropriately
experienced contractors, with the view to involving the preferred
contractor/s in the detailed design phase of the project.
Registrations of Interest closed on the 16th April and are currently
being assessed by staff.


The Board would like to thank all those who took the time to complete
and return the questionnaire. Staff are assisting the Board in
collating and summarising the questionnaires. Due to staff
unavailability this has taken longer than originally anticipated. It
is intended that a commentary on the summary will be provided for the
Blueskin News and POWA News.

Seal Extensions

Staff are in the process of preparing next year's works programme and
have contacted residents of the streets affected for comment on the
proposed works.

Streets targeted for the 2007/08 year are Halkirk, Dunnet, Rona,
Kamura, Bernera Streets and Parata Avenue.

Community Clean-up Days

At our April meeting the board were asked to provide comment on the
"Community Clean-up Days". For some time staff have suggested that the
provision of this service should be discontinued. Fortunately to date
this has not found political favour. The Board is adamant that this
service is required for our community and must be retained.

At our meeting the Board resolved:
• that the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board supports the continuation
of the Community Clean Up Days
• that the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board support an interim measure
where green waste is separated out from solid waste and other sorting
opportunities are explored
• that staff be asked to comment on the financial, social, cultural
and environmental implications of the previous motion

Pedestrian facilities/Safe Walking Spaces

Members met with staff on 4th April to review pedestrian facilities in
our area. The meeting focused on further clarification of the schedule
of improvements listed in the community plan along with other areas of
potential concern and identifying the wider pedestrian network.
Criteria for prioritising work was also discussed, the recent
community questionnaire was noted and staff will be provided with the
relevant parts of the community feedback summary once this is

Staff will now collate the information exchanged update the list of
works, provide recommendations on prioritising criteria, and arrange
for a Board site visit for our area.

Rural Road Safety

The Board have arranged a tour with staff for the 24 April to visit
particular areas of concern this will assist in formulating a list of
required improvements and potential priorities for future community

Blueskin Bay Library Upgrade

Board members have been provided with an update on the proposed
upgrade for the Blueskin Bay Library. Concept plans are well
advanced, the community steering group have been seeking feedback on
the concept plans from the community.

Proposed Rural Landscape Plan Change

The Board has been advised that preparation for the above plan change
is behind programme, at this stage I am unable to advise proposed
public notification dates.

Finally just a reminder if you have any issues you wish to raise with
the Board please feel free to contact any Board member directly.

by Gerard Collings, chairperson

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