Friday, 20 April 2007

News from Warrington School

It has been an action-filled term with the last few weeks seeing a new
Board elected (Mark Familton, Tim Locker, Eric Neuman, Rebecca
Pearson, Joanna Ward and Wendy Russell), A&P participation, camp and
trips. Our final event was the Disco at the Hall on the last day of
the term. Blueskin Bay Library was at the back of the hall issuing
The school has benefited greatly from the volunteer help - thanks once
again to our wonderful helpers.
This term we are studying festivals and celebrations. This will tie in
with our Matariki and lantern celebration in the week of June 18-22
and the East Otago Kaupapa Maori festival Jime 7th. These events will
feature highly in the term.
The school roll is 50 at the beginning of Term Two. We are one pupil
away from the school having a Ministry-funded third teacher.

by Nathan Parker, Principal

Sutton Camp report by Room 1 students

Aimee-Leigh: The Rail Trail was very good for my experience - it
taught me more about the weather and how it can change. How things in
life are harder than you think they are.
Kinnon: The best part about Sutton Camp was going to the pool, riding
the bikes and we also got ice cream. When the small lot of people were
doing the Rail Trail, when we got back we got hot cocoa and the
chocolates and balls with soft chocolate in them. They were so tasty
but we got only two.
Matthew: My favourite part of Sutton Camp was the swimming although
the bike riding was fun. I still preferred the swimming because I
learnt how to dive. Next to that I really enjoyed the cooking because
on the first day we had pizzas for tea. I liked the pizzas because WE
made them.
Jacinda: The best part about Camp was swimming because the pool was in
Middlemarch and it was different to our normal school pool. Also, for
our tea we had really yummy pizzas. We got to put what we wanted on
them. After swimming we would have an ice cream.
Eliza: My absolute favourite part of camp was going to Middlemarch
Pool and being the first girl to dive off the diving board
dolphin-style. I also liked getting ice cream afterwards. The tea was
geat too - on night one we had pizza, the next night we had pasta and
the last night we had omlette and salad. I only had salad, yummy. The
Rail Trail ride was fun but we got blown to pieces.
Larissa: My favourite part of Camp was going to the hall and pushing
each other around in the highchair and jumping off the diving board at
the Middlemarch pool. Also we cycled to the Salt Lake and it was all
dried up. We got ice creams after swimming and that was the very first
time I jumped off a diving board.
Tarn: My favourite bit of Sutton Camp was the Middlemarch swimming
pool. There was a diving board about 1m from the water. We went there
every day. On Wednesday we split into two groups. The big group went
on part of the Rail Trail where we got blown nearly off the track and
it began to rain lioke little knives on our faces but it was still

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
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"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "".

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