Friday, 6 April 2007

Memorable Music: Review of Warrington recital, 4 April

The children (but one) sat in rapt attention throughout the St.
Barnabas recital. The wee Anglican Kirk afforded standing-room only
for the rare musical event, musicians Susie Mechan (voice/guitar) and
Chris Prosser (Composer/Violin).

The kirk, or Anglican Church, in this predominantly Scottish village
of 250 people is defined by florally decorated scriptural passages
above the windows and high above the altar. Only the neon "Exit" sign

Susie Mechan has the rich, throaty voice I associate with a Scotswoman
accustomed to superior malt whisky. She reminded us why 'Sweet Annie
Laurie,' 'My love is like a red red rose,' and 'The road and miles to
Dundee' must not be forgotten. The hush during her performance was

Chris Prosser's performance on violin of various works in progress
drew rave applause from aficionados of Celtic music. My lone quarrel?
The piece which he titled 'Little Klezmer' sounded like a 'hoedown' to
my ear. Indeed after that performance, an enthusiastic listener boldly
inquired if a dance in the aisle would be permitted. The vicar, a
lovely mature woman in the front row, flashed a smile.

After rapturous applause, the partners concluded with two encores as a
duo. 'Autumn Approaches' was the perfect finale on this early autumn
night under a full harvest moon near the "most Scottish city outside
of Scotland."

The children will forever remember. I shall remember.

Jeanne Guthrie

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